How to Make Mini Suitcases

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Things You'll Need

  • Graph paper
  • Construction paper or card stock
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue

If you are hosting a wedding party, or any kind of party celebrating the start of a journey, miniature suitcases can be the perfect party favor to give to your guests. It's easy to craft miniature suitcases out of paper and markers and the best thing about miniature suitcases is that you can personalize them.

Draw out a flat template for your suitcases that you can later fold up into a paper box. Make a large rectangle for the top of the suitcase, then expand the sides with four smaller rectangles.

Make the second half of the box template slightly bigger than the first, so the two can nest into each other.

Cut out your two templates and trace them onto construction paper, card stock or craft paper. Brown is a good color for a suitcase, but black or any other color works just as well. If you wish, make small tabs on the smaller rectangles to provide ease in fitting the box together.

Cut out the shape of the box from the construction paper. Fold the smaller rectangles up in the same direction, then tape or glue them together on the insides to make the box. Fit the two boxes together. You now have the base for your mini suitcase.

Use a needle to punch two holes in the top of the suitcase for the handle. Push two ends of a small piece of ribbon through the holes using the needle, then tie knots on the inside to hold them in.

Decorate the mini suitcase using other colors of construction paper. Cut out two strips of a lighter or darker-colored paper, or cut two pieces of thin twine and glue them around the box to give the appearance of straps.

Personalize the suitcase. You can write a message or name on it, or make miniature airport stickers which you can glue to the sides of the suitcase. A postage stamp or travel-themed rubber stamps can add a nice touch.


  • Folding the box up can be easier if you use a craft knife to score along the fold lines beforehand.

    The bottom of the basic box should be only slightly smaller than the top. If the bottom is too small, glue a few strips of paper to its sides to hold it to the top.


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