How to Make Memorial Stones

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If you have a loved one who has passed, you can honor their memory by placing small memorial tokens around your home or garden. For example, you can place a memorial stone in your garden as a stepping stone so that you can remember your loved one every time you see it. You can make a memorial stone using a few materials that can be purchased from a home improvement or craft supply store.

Things You'll Need

  • Lettering Stamps, 2-Inch
  • Plaster Of Paris
  • Bucket
  • Flattened Glass Beads
  • Garden Spade

Dig a hole into the ground using a spade to measure 3 inches deep, 18 inches in diameter. This will be the mold of the memorial stone.

Pour 4 cups of plaster of Paris and 3 cups of water into a bucket, mixing well with a long-handled spoon until the substances are completely combined.

Pour the plaster mixture into the hole you previously dug, filling it to the top. Do not overfill the hole, but only fill the hole to the top. Allow the plaster to remain in the hole until it has set for 10 minutes. This will allow it to become firm enough to hold it's shape, but soft enough to have objects pushed into it.

Press lettering stamps onto the surface of the stone. Select lettering stamps that spell out the passed loved one's name, or select letters that write out a message that is timeless or meaningful.

Press flattened, colorful glass beads around the perimeter of the memorial stone, which will make the stone look more ethereal and elegant.

Allow the stone to set for 4 hours.

Dig up the memorial stone using the spade and brush off any dirt or soil. Place the stone anywhere in your garden that you wish.