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How to Spin a Top

Spinning tops can be a fun alternative to electronic toys.
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Toy tops are an often forgotten thing of the past. With video games and electronics it's easy to overlook the simple toys of days gone by. If you happen to come across one of these old-time gems pick it up; you may be surprised at how much fun a top can be.

Take the string of the toy top and tie a knot on one end a make a loop for your finger on the other.

Locate the center of the top and use your thumb to hold the knotted end of the string in the center of the top.

Secure the string by wrapping it around the neck of the top and crossing it over the knot you're holding in place. Picture a backwards "Y" shape.

Continue to pull the free end of the string down the pointed tip of the top and start to wind it around the top until all the string is firmly wound.

Slip the finger loop over your middle finger and hold the top in your hand with the pointed side up, facing away from your palm.

Find a clear area and aim about four feet out and throw the top. Be sure to keep your wrist and elbow straight and throw at an even height; there is no need to throw towards the floor.


When throwing your top, it's best to throw across your body. In other words throw the opposite way that you would throw a flying disc.

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