How to Make Marquetry Patterns

By Suzie Faloon ; Updated September 15, 2017

Marquetry is a form of art using wood veneer pieces to form patterns or pictures of flowers, animals, fish and scenery. You can use your own drawing from scratch or copy a picture or photograph. A pattern has the picture outline and the types of veneer that should be used to get the look that you want. You need an index or list of the veneers to match your pattern.You should also plan on the direction the grain should be placed for effect.

Determine the size and image that you want for your project pattern.

Draw a sketch of your basic idea with a pencil. Make measurements and adjust the picture outline as needed. Use an art eraser to change your drawing.

Copy your sketch accurately onto a piece of graph paper with pencil.

Make a copy of the drawing. Trace around all of the segments to darken the outlines. Use this to cut out the individual pieces for the patterns. Save these pieces in an envelope marked "pattern pieces."

Use colored pencils to color in the pattern to get the effect you want.

Make a list of the veneer you will need for the pattern you have drawn. Write the types of veneer on your original drawing to go with the more detailed, accurately colored pattern on the graph paper.


Have samples of veneer in your workspace to help you decide what to use for your project.

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