How to Make Long Hairy Arms for a Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Long-sleeved T-shirt
  • Sleeves from an old shirt
  • Fake hair fur
  • Fabric glue
  • Two long cardboard tubes or rolls
  • Old gloves
  • Safety pins

There are several costumes that call for the creation of long hairy arms, such as a monkey, yeti or monster costume. If you are creating an outfit of this kind for a theme party or to dress up at Halloween, use fake fur in an appropriate color to make arms that match the rest of your costume.

Cut off the arms from an old long-sleeved shirt. Use fabric glue to attach them to the hem of the wrists on the long-sleeved T-shirt you will be wearing. You may only choose to use part of the extra sleeves, depending on how long the finished arms need to be.

Cut fake hair fur into strips six inches wide and long enough to wrap around the sleeves. Starting at the shoulder, glue them around each sleeve, working down to the bottom end of the extended sleeve.

Cover the backs of the gloves in the same fake fur, gluing it in position. Use the glove as a template to cut the shape out of fur.

Glue the gloves to the end of the hair arms. Add safety pins to secure them in position.

Place one cardboard roll into each arm of the shirt, pushing it down into the palm of the glove. When you put the shirt on, hold the cardboard rolls inside the sleeves and use them to wave and control your long, hairy, costume arms.


  • Trim the length of the cardboard rolls so they fit comfortably in your hands when wearing the outfit.

    Comb the hair to cover any joints.