How to Make Leather Flowers

While leather and flowers are not often thought of together, a leather flower can create a beautiful decorative element for an outfit or accessory. Like flowers, leather comes in a variety of colors and textures. The steps below outline a few variations.

Things You'll Need

  • Thin Leather
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread

Standard Flower

Choose your leather. A thin, pliable leather is best to use for this type of handiwork. Many leather suppliers have leather available in a variety of colors and textures. Choose multiple colors for a eclectic looking flower, or the same color for a more traditional look.

Cut petal-shaped pieces out of the leather. The more pieces you cut, the fuller the flower will be. Vary the sizes and shapes slightly to create an organic looking flower. Once the petals are cut, poke two holes next to each other at the base of the flower petal. The holes will be used to sew the petals together to form a flower.

Sew the petals together, attaching them with the holes at the base of the flower petals. Layer the petals and attaching them together in a spiral direction, continue attaching to form a circle. Once the circle is complete, begin layering other petals on top of the flower base until the desired thickness is achieved. Cut a small round shape out of leather to cover the center area, glue using epoxy suitable for leather.

Rosette Flower

Choose a thin, pliable leather to create this flower. With the selected piece, cut a strip at least 1 foot long and a few inches wide to create the rosette.

Begin to wrap the leather around creating a cylinder shape. Once the leather wraps around completely, sew the end together. Continue to wrap the leather, slightly gathering the leather at the base end. Stitch each gather to the base of the flower. Continue this process until the entire piece of leather has been wrapped to form a rosette.

Add leaves to the based using the same color, or a complementary color. Cut the leather into a leaf shape and sew to the base.


  • Use your creativity and experiment with other styles.

    Sizes vary depending on how the flower will be.


  • Sew with a leather needle and make sure to keep your fingers away from the path of the needle