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How to Make Invisible Thread

Things You'll Need:

  • Wooly nylon thread
  • Scissors
  • Tape

How to Make Invisible Thread. Invisible thread is an important part of every magician's tool kit. Previously found in magician's shops, invisible thread can now be made at home. Simply buy some Wooly Nylon thread and be on your way to performing your favorite magic tricks, including the popular Hoop Pass and the Floating Bill Trick.

Visit an arts and crafts or sewing supplies store and purchase Wooly Nylon thread in a color that is a combination of blue and silver. Other colors may work, but a blue and silver thread can work with both dark and light magician backgrounds.

Unroll as much Wooly Nylon thread from the spindle as you need. Since different magic tricks may require different lengths of thread, make sure you unroll a thread length that can help you perform your trick.

Snip the thread from the spindle with a pair of scissors.

Separate one strand from the top of the piece of thread. Wooly nylon thread consists of many tiny strands of thread woven together.

Place a piece of tape at the end of the separated strand. The tape helps you find the strand while you separate it from the rest of the thread. Make the separation quick and gentle.

Tape the other end of the strand to something with a dark background so you can find the invisible thread when you need it.

Experiment with your new invisible thread by taping it to a lightweight item and watching as it seems to float in the air.


Purchase Serging Thread if you can't find Wooly Nylon.


  • Reflection in moonlight, sunlight and under fluorescent lights makes using invisible thread made out of man-made materials difficult. Use your invisible thread under regular light bulbs for the best results.
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