How to Make Insect Costumes for Kids

Things You'll Need

  • White 100 percent cotton long sleeve shirt
  • White 100 percent cotton leggings or tights
  • Green fabric dye
  • Two wire hangers
  • White pantyhose (adult size)
  • Green gloves
  • Green baseball cap or ski cap
  • Foam ball
  • Black paint
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • 3/4-inch elastic, in black

Kids love Halloween for the candy, parties and costumes. Store-bought costumes can range from very inexpensive and low-quality to extravagant. While buying a Halloween costume is always an option, making your kids' costumes allows you to express your creativity and--if your kids are old enough to help--can serve as a creative project for the you all to work on. One costume that's always popular to make is an insect costume for kids.

Dye the white shirt and leggings (or tights) according to the directions on the package of fabric dye. Some dyes can be used on the stovetop, while others require the use of a washing machine. Be sure the shirt and leggings are 100 percent cotton, because dye will not dye blends as well or as evenly as with 100 percent cotton.

Wash the shirt and leggings on a cold setting to wash out any excess dye.

Bend the two wire hangers into teardrop shapes. Use wire cutters to cut off any sharp or poky pieces. These will be the wings of the kids insect costume.

Carefully pull one of the white pantyhose legs over each of the teardrop shapes. Cut off the panty part of the hose, and tie off the loose ends that extend beyond the wires.

Use hot glue to glue the two wings together, with the rounded sides facing out. Allow the hot glue to dry completely.

Hot-glue large loops of elastic onto the insect costume wings, to form straps for the child's arms to go through.

Cut the foam ball in half. Paint the center of each rounded side with black paint. This will be the eyes of the insect costume. Use hot glue to affix the insect eyes to the green hat or cap.

Dress the child in the green shirt and leggings. Attach the wings, and put the hat on their head. The kid's insect costume is complete.