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How to Make Ice Block Candle Holders

Imagine the wintry delight when you create unusual ice block candle holders to hold tea lights. When the temperature outside is freezing, you can easily create these ice block candle holders by allowing the ice blocks to freeze outside. If the outdoor temperature is not cold enough, you can just as easily make these ice block candle holders in the freezer. The finished result will be a shimmery and chilly candle holder holding a warm and bright candle.

Things You'll Need:

  • Freezer
  • Water
  • Sand Or Gravel
  • Tray
  • Small Plastic Medicine Cup
  • Tea Light
  • Empty And Clean Tuna Can

Fill the tuna can almost to the top with cold water. Fill the plastic medicine cup with sand or gravel.

Set the filled plastic medicine cup into the center of the tuna can. The sand or gravel will hold the plastic medicine cup in place while the water around it freezes solid.

Place the tuna can outside in the freezing temperature or in the freezer. Make sure you set the tuna can on a perfectly level surface or the water will not freeze straight and level.

Leave the tuna can in the freezing temperature until the water freezes solid.

Remove the tuna can from the cold and pop the frozen ice block candle holder from the tuna can mold. If the frozen ice will not lift easily from the tuna can, run warm water over the bottom of the tuna can for several seconds to loosen the ice.

Lift the plastic medicine cup from the center of the tuna can.

Place a tea light into the center of the ice block candle holder in the indentation where the plastic medicine cup was.

Place the ice block candle holder on a tray with several other ice block candle holders to create a wintry candle grouping. Light the tea lights.


Experiment with different molds and different sized candles. This project can be adapted to many different shapes and sizes for any kind of candle.

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