How to Make Homemade Armor

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard
  • String
  • Aluminum foil
  • Markers

Making your own medieval armor can complete that Halloween costume you've been thinking of. With a few commonly found materials around the home, you can easily create realistic looking armor in no time. Whether dressing up as King Arthur or one of the Knights of the Round Table, this armor will help you look the part. Be careful while playing with friends though: the armor looks real, but it won't stop any swords!

Cut out a sheet of cardboard to be used as a chest piece. It can be helpful to measure the T-shirt of the person who will be wearing the armor. The cardboard should contour the neckline, waist and side of the T-shirt.

Cut out a second sheet of cardboard to be used as a back piece. Again, use the T-shirt as a template for the design to ensure correct size.

Cover the chest and back pieces with aluminum foil to give them a metallic look.

Add a crest or other design to the front or back using some markers to give the armor a personalized touch. Attach the armor to the person by punching two small holes in the top of each shoulder piece (front and back) and feed or weave a string through the holes to tie the armor pieces together. Punch four holes along each side of the armor (front and back) to secure the sides to the person by feeding or weaving a string through the holes, and tighten as necessary, but not so tight that movement is restricted or that the cardboard may be ripped.


  • Other body armor can be made in a similar fashion if desired.