How to Make Hanging Ceiling Decorations

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers, crayons or paint
  • Stencils or cut outs
  • Stapler
  • Tissue paper
  • Yarn

Hanging ceiling decorations is a great way to decorate your classroom or child’s bedroom. You will not only have fun creating this craft project, but you can use it to add a cool decorative touch as well. Hang items that reflect your child’s interests, whether it be planets or airplanes. You could also hang ceiling decorations to mark the seasons. Hang hearts for Valentine’s Day and giant goldfish and starfish as it gets closer to summer.

Decide on the type of hanging ceiling decorations you want to make. If you are making them for your classroom, consider incorporating the decorations into a current theme you are working on. You could hang alphabet letters, for instance, if your students are working on their ABC’s. Choose one of your child’s favorite items if you are decorating his bedroom. If he likes sports, you could make hanging basketballs, soccer balls, tennis balls and footballs. Brainstorm until you decide on a theme you like best. You may even want to have your kids or students join in on the brainstorming fun!

Gather all the necessary materials you will need to create your hanging ceiling decorations. Items you will definitely need are paper, markers, crayons or paint, yarn, scissors, tissue paper, a stapler and tacks. If you are making a decoration that you need help drawing, such as a bird, pick up some stencils or cut outs to assist you.

Have your child or students join you in the fun of making the decorations. Place the stencil or cut out of the object on a piece of white paper and trace it with a pencil. You will want to draw the object twice for each decoration. Have your child color or paint the picture of the object that was traced. Allow the ink or paint to dry and cut out the objects. Continue this process as many times as you like to create your desired amount of decorations.

Line the cut out pieces up together so that the colored portion is on the outside. Use a stapler to attach the pieces by adding staples along the outside edges of your papers. Due this until 2/3 of your cut outs are stapled together. Next, take your tissue paper and use your hands to crumple it up into small bunches. Slide the crumpled tissue in between the stapled pieces until you cannot fit anymore. This will give your decoration a three dimensional effect. Continue to add staples along the remaining edges until your object is secured. Continue this process with as many decorations as you choose to make.

Decide how low you want your decorations to hang from the ceiling. Hold a strand of yarn up to the ceiling and cut the bottom end at the length you desire. Use this piece as a measurement to cut as many yarn pieces as you need. Attach the yarn to the top of your object with a stapler. Attach the other end to the ceiling with tape or a tack, depending on the type of ceiling you have.

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