How to Make Gum Wrapper Purses

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Gum wrappers are not just for your favorite candy. Gum wrappers are an inexpensive tool that can be used on a variety of things. You can make purses with gum wrappers that can be in different sizes and colors. Instead of throwing away those used gum wrappers, save them and use them as a fashion statement. Your new gum wrapper purse will be an eco-friendly alternative to a standard leather bag.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Gum Wrappers
  • Needle
  • Zipper
  • Thread

Collect 200 to 400 gum wrappers for this project. You will need many gum wrappers to create a purse. The gum wrappers you collect can vary in color and design. You can also collect wrappers that are the same color and design to create a unique purse.

Open each wrapper so it is flat. Remove the silver wrappers that are on the inside. You should use a flat surface, such as a table or countertop.

Cut the gum wrapper in half, lengthwise. You can use a scissors to cut the wrapper or you can rip it with your hands.

Fold the wrapper in half, lengthwise. Repeat this on the other piece. Continue by opening the wrapper and folding the lower half in the middle.

Fold the upper half towards the middle. Continue by folding the entire wrapper in half lengthwise again. After folding it in half lengthwise, fold it again widthwise.

Fold the ends of the wrapper towards the middle. Repeat this step on the other piece of gum wrapper and the additional wrappers that will make your purse. You will now have two pieces that you can link together.

Place the two prongs of one of the pieces into the opening of the other. Add more links with the additional folded gum wrappers. You should make chains that are 50 to 60 links long. Place one chain on the side for later use. Join the chain together, into a ring. You can use a needle and thread to join it together.

Stack the rings on top of each other and sew them together in a zigzag pattern. It is best to use thick thread that is strong enough to hold them together. Stack the rings on top of each other until you get the perfect height for your purse.

Sew the bottom of the purse together to close it. Continue by sewing a zipper on the inside. Also, sew the chain that you placed on the side on the top of the purse to use as the handle. Sew one side of the chain on one side of the purse and the other side of the chain on the other side of the purse.