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How Do I Take Links Out of a Citizen Watch Band?

Watch with a metal band
watch image by petar Ishmeriev from Fotolia.com

Citizen watch company was established in 1918 and has been doing business ever since. Citizen brand watches are very popular across the world for not only the style of their watches but the technology they use as well. Millions of people buy or receive Citizen watches each year. The company does not provide bracelet resizing information to their customers because they feel that the watches could get damaged. However, resizing a Citizen watch can be done by following a few instructions. There are two main types of watch bands--the split pin type and the pin and center tube.

Split Pin Type

The split pin type of watch band is the most common style. To disassemble the watch band you will need a CIT-SZTOOL and tweezers. Place the watch band bracelet into the CIT-SZTOOL with the arrows pointing away from you. Line up the pin hole with the side of the bracelet using the Citizen sizing pin. Proceed to gently punch out the pin as far as it will go and then use your fingers or tweezers to completely remove it. Once the pin is pulled out, the link should come apart. You can take out as many links as needed using these steps. If you plan to remove an uneven amount of links you should do it from the 6:00 side of the bracelet; this will help the bracelet remain balanced on the wrist.

Pin and Center Tube

The pin and center tube type of band is found primarily on titanium watches. To remove a link from this type of watch band you will need to use a CIT-SZTOOL, small pliers, tweezers, pin pusher, and a jeweler’s plastic mallet. First put the bracelet into the CIT-SZTOOL, and be sure that the arrows are pointing away from you. Then, line up the Citizen tool sizing pin wih a pinhole on the side of the bracelet link. Next, use gentle pressure to push out the pin. Keep in mind that not all bracelets with the pin and center tube band have arrows and if they do not have arrows you can remove a pin from either side of the bracelet. To remove more links from the bracelet band just follow the same steps until you have removed all of the desired links. However, if you need to remove an odd number of links you should take them from the 6:00 side of the band because that side has more links. This will help to properly balance the bracelet.

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