How to Make Free Printable & Foldable Thank You Cards

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Things You'll Need

  • Printer
  • Printer paper

Making your own thank you cards is a great way to customize your sentiment toward a person and express your creativity at the same time. You can find all kinds of free thank you card templates online that can be customized with text and pictures to say exactly what you want. Most cards are specifically designed to be foldable, but if you're looking for a particular type of fold (such as a French or tri-fold), you may want to narrow your online search to get the perfect card for you.

Go to a free thank you card template website, such as Print Free, Printable Cards or American Greetings. Every printable card site offers a different range of card possibilities and customization abilities. So explore the options before choosing one.

Choose a design that appeals to you and is appropriate for the occasion. You can find thank you cards that are silly, heartfelt, occasion-specific, elegant, simple, or just about any style you can imagine. Click on the design desired when you've chosen one.

Enter the text you want on the inside of the card in the given text box. The number of lines you can write on the inside of the card depends on the design of the card you picked and the amount of space available. Align the text on the card until it looks as you wish.

If the option is available, upload a picture if you want to customize your card with an image. Most printable cards come with a pre-determined front image, but there's often room inside the card to put a picture or piece of clip art you'd like to have. Align the picture in the space available.

Preview your card and select "Print" if you are satisfied with the final look. Make sure your printer is turned on and communicating with your computer. You may wish to load heavy paper or card stock in your printer in order to get that professional, high quality feel to your card.

Fold the printed card according to the directions given on the website. Most websites offer a guide for folding more complex cards that you can follow to make your card look perfect.