How to Make Folded Paper Book Sculptures

Antique books can be made into beautiful and unique sculptures.
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To breathe new life into discarded books, all you need are two hands and panache for folding pages to create a sculpture. With some practice, your recycled books can be transformed into stunning works of original art which can be proudly displayed on any wall, table top or mantelpiece.

Things You'll Need

  • Plate Hanger
  • Hardcover Book
  • Bone Folder Or Ruler (Optional)

There are many ways to create a sculpture book. Decide what pattern or sequence you would like to try.

For a floral pattern, find the center of the book and lay it flat. Gather three pages at a time at the center of the book and fold the pages in half to form the petal-like shape. Repeat this sequence from the center to the front of the book. Repeat the sequence from the center to the back of the book to create a flower-like sculpture.

For a geometrical sequence, fold the first 20 pages either starting at the beginning or end of the book -- one page at a time -- in a repeated sequence following in the same direction. Alternate patterns by folding the next 20 pages in the opposite direction. Repeat the technique of alternating patterns until you are satisfied.

For more-intricate designs, fold pages in various ways either in half or at an angle, creating your own original pattern. For example, you may choose pages by creating three sections; front section to center in one pattern; then back section to the center in the same sequence; and finally fold the pages in the center section in a different pattern.

If you don’t like how a pattern is looking, simply smooth out the pages and start again.

When you are satisfied with the finished product, display the book sculpture directly on a table top or adhere it to a plate hanger to mount on your wall.


  • For dramatic touches, paint directly on the cover of the book; apply distress ink and/or tear edges off pages; or, use a craft knife to cut out pages of words or shapes.