How to Make Foam Airplanes

Making Styrofoam airplanes is an excellent hands-on learning and arts and crafts activity for children. Creating Styrofoam airplanes not only teaches children about the aerodynamics of airplanes, but also lets them make an inexpensive toy that will entertain them for days. You can make Styrofoam airplanes using a few items found around the house.

Print out the Styrofoam airplane template (a link is provided in the "Resources" section of this article) or draw your own. The plane will have two parts: the body and a single wing piece. Cut out the airplane template pieces with a pair of scissors.

Clean two Styrofoam vegetable trays or the tops of two Styrofoam egg cartons. You can purchase new Styrofoam trays at your local supermarket in bulk if you plan on making many Styrofoam airplanes.

Trace the airplane pieces onto the Styrofoam trays and cut them out.

Make a slit for the wings. Cut a slit in the airplane body near the middle, where the wings will go. Cut right through the Styrofoam. Check the template for help in identifying this spot.

Push the wing piece through the slit on the airplane body.

Color and add designs to the foam airplane, such as windows and airline emblems, using permanent markers or paint.