How to Make Fake Wrestling Weapons

Things You'll Need

  • Trophies
  • Superglue
  • Paper towel roll
  • Duct Tape
  • Chrome spray paint
  • Red spray paint
  • Brown spray paint

It is almost common knowledge that the outcomes of professional wrestling matches are pre-planned. What people do not know is that all of the weapons used during some of these matches are actually real. Real ladders, chairs, thumbtacks, and everything else that you will see in professional wrestling is actually real. If you want to create safe wrestling weapons of your own that will cause minimal damage, then it just requires a little craft skill before implementing them in a match.


Gather together old trophies that you have not use for. The bigger the trophy is, the better. There are also trophy specialty shops that you can actually order fake trophies from.

Cut and break the trophies into separate pieces. Then put together the largest trophy you can.

Apply each piece of the trophy with a light dab of super glue. This way, the trophy will hold, but can still break easily.

Hold a wrestling tournament. Declare the winner of tournament with the huge trophy.

Have a rival of the winner come out and attack him after he has been awarded the trophy. The winner or opponent will then break the trophy over the center of the wrestler’s back. This way, the impact will not hurt as much and the trophy will shatter into pieces.

Steel Pipe

Find a used paper towel roll with all of the paper towels used off of it. If you do not have a roll of paper towels, then you can find a cheap roll for about a dollar.

Wrap three even layers of duct tape around the paper towel roll. You may even make a small section thicker on the end for a handle. The duct tape will serve to make the roll stronger and represent a steel pipe.

Place the paper towel roll over old newspaper and spray paint the whole roll, even the inside, with chrome spray paint.

Let the paint dry and touch up any bad spots.

Use the fake steel pipe in the match. To make the pipe look real use it on spots like the ribs and stomach so it does not bend and reveal that it is merely paper towels.

Bricks or Wood

Purchase a package of Styrofoam blocks. These can be found at many art supply stores or even big stores like Wal-Mart.

Paint the blocks with a red color to create fake bricks. Use the bricks to smash into people’s skulls during a fake wrestling match.

Attach three or four blocks together using duct tape or superglue to create a large piece of wood.

Spray paint the attached pieces with a tan or brownish color to represent wood.

Use the piece of wood in the match to attack your opponents.

About the Author

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