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Cheats for 'Bartender: The Right Mix'

“Bartender: The Right Mix” is a tycoon-style Flash game in which you play as a bartender, pouring, mixing and serving cocktails to customers. Scoring a lot of points requires mixing cocktails in the right order to satisfy customers. You can use cheats to know which drink combinations will earn bonuses and to learn how to make a special drink that causes a bonus effect.

Extra 6,000 Points

Mix vodka and cranberry juice, and use this combination with other drink mixes to earn between 6,000 and 8,000 extra points for each drink.

Heavenly Drink

To make the Heavenly Drink, fill a glass half with vodka and half with cranberry juice. Add a few ice cubes and shake the glass until your character goes under the counter. A light will appear around the drink.

Drink for 8,300 Points

Create a drink that is half vodka, one-eighth sambuca, one-tenth cognac and one-tenth lime juice. Fill the rest of the cup with ice. This mixture is worth 8,300 points.

Cosmopolitan Recipe

When you make a cosmopolitan, the bartender will wear a gold suit, hold the drink up in the air and a lemon will appear on the glass. To make it, fill a glass at least one-third with vodka. Add cranberry juice, lime juice and triple sec. Then add a few ice cubes and shake the glass. (See References 2)

Non-Alcoholic Cosmopolitan

Fill half a glass with cranberry juice. Add one-fourth orange juice and fill the rest of the cup with lime juice. Shake the cup for about 10 seconds and add a lemon garnish. The bartender will play an air guitar if done correctly.

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