How to Make Elegant Pew Bows

Pew Marker image by maureen rigdon from

Things You'll Need

  • Wired satin ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Silk flowers
  • Floral tape
  • Florist wire
  • Rubber bands
  • Tissue paper

Instead of purchasing pew bows, you can make your own. Making your own elegant pew bows allows you to customize them to suit your wedding day. Elegant pew bows add to the décor of the church, and they give the aisle a pleasant accent. You can make the pew bows in advance so that they will be ready on the wedding day.

Choose a satin ribbon with wire edging that will match the wedding colors. Cut a 45-inch piece of silk ribbon, and tie a loose knot in the center.

Form floral bouquets with silk flowers. Group the bouquets together by placing the larger flowers in the back and the smaller flower sin the front. You can make the bouquets as small or as large as you wish.

Wrap the flowers with floral tape to hide the stems. Take your time so that the tape remains even.

Wrap the satin ribbon around the bouquet. Tie the ribbon into a bow to hold the silk flowers in place.

Pull on the ribbon loops so that they are 4 inches in length.

Cut a piece of florist wire 6 inches in length. Place the wire through the back of the bow and twist the ends to close them. Use this wire to hang the pew bow.

Roll the ribbon tails loosely and secure them with a rubber band. Store the pew bows this way until the wedding day. Pack them with tissue paper and avoid crushing them.


  • Place the flower bouquets into 12-inch Styrofoam cones to completely hide the floral stems.