How to Make Dragons Out of Paper

Kids can make a simple dragon that’s fun to play with from just a few sheets of paper and some basic craft supplies. This dragon has a long body made from folded paper and a face that you can draw and decorate any way you’d like. The dragon can look fierce, friendly, or however your young artist wants it to!

Cut two strips of paper down the full length of the construction paper, each about 2 inches wide.

Place one strip on the table so that the long edge is facing toward you. Place the other strip on top of it with the short end facing toward you.

Glue the corners of the paper together, so that they form a right angle or L shape.

Fold the paper that’s underneath over the paper on top, so that the fold is even with the edge of the other strip underneath.

Continue folding until you’ve used up both strips and the paper forms an accordion. Glue the ends of the paper together. This will be the dragon body. If you want to be able to play with the dragon like a puppet, you can glue a craft stick (or popsicle stick) to each end of the body.

Draw a dragon face on a piece of paper (or download a template using the resource link below). Cut out the face.

Cut the remaining paper into strips. Fold the bottom edge of the strip up about 1 inch. Crease the paper well.

Flip the paper over and fold the top edge down 1 inch, so that the end of the paper is even with the fold. Crease the paper. Continue flipping and folding this way until the strip is completely folded. Fold the other strips the same way.

Glue the ends of the strips to the backside of the dragon’s head, close to the edges. Glue the dragon’s head to one end of the dragon body.


You can add sequins or glitter to the dragon if you wish for extra decoration.


Supervise children when working with scissors.