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How to Make Dew Drops on Silk Flowers With a Glue Gun

Learn how to make drew drops and attach them to silk flowers.
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Decorate some fake flowers and make them look more realistic, as if they've collected the morning dew, by making your own fake dew drops. The cooled glue from a hot glue gun resembles droplets of water if you follow a basic procedure to create the right shapes. If the fabric flowers are made with silk, you don't want to apply heat directly to the petals or you risk damaging the petals. Find the things you need where craft supplies are sold.

Things You'll Need:

  • Non-Sticky Craft Mat
  • Glue Gun Stick
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Knife
  • Epoxy Adhesive
  • Pin

Drop a pea-size amount, or smaller, dollops of hot glue onto a non-stick craft mat. Turn the gun slightly as you squeeze out the glue drops to prevent a "string" formation on each drop.

Squeeze the glue out to make a round shape and carefully pull the gun off to one direction to make a "falling" drop with a teardrop shape to vary the shapes of the dew drops. Make as many drops as you want and space them out at least 1 inch across the mat. Wait 30 minutes to make sure they have all hardened.

Peel the flat bottoms of the glue dew drops off of the mat. If you did accidentally leave strings behind, carefully cut them off the edge of the drops with a knife or pull them off with your fingers.

Squeeze some epoxy adhesive out of the tube onto the head of a pin. This makes it easier to apply a small amount neatly. Apply the epoxy adhesive on the center of the flat back of one of the dew drops and press it to a petal of a silk flower. Repeat with the others.

Glue the teardrop-shaped dew drops on the parts of the petals that are slanted down at an angle to give the illusion of the dew drop sliding down the petal. Wait 24 hours for the epoxy adhesive to harden.

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