How to Make Crocheted Nylon Scrubbies

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Just right for removing baked on food from pots and pans, eco-friendly nylon scrubbies are a snap to crochet. Nylon net is available at fabric stores by the yard in a variety of colors. If you know the basics of how to crochet, you can make lots of these scrubbies gifts or shower favors. Making the scrubbies is also a practical project for children over the age of 8 who are interested in learning how to crochet.

Things You'll Need

  • Ruler
  • Crochet Hook Size J
  • Scissors
  • 1 Yard Nylon Net Fabric

Cut the nylon net fabric into long 2-inch wide strips of fabric with the scissors. Wind the fabric strips into a ball.

Make a loop and slipknot at the end of the net fabric strip. Insert the crochet hook, and pull the fabric strand through the loop to make a chain. Repeat, and make 23 chains.

Insert the crochet hook in the third chain from the hook. Pull the fabric strand through the chain with the hook. Pull another fabric strand through the two loops on the crochet hook to make a single crochet. Repeat to make a row of 10 single crochets.

Chain two and single crochet through the top loops of every previous row’s stitches every row, adding additional strips of fabric when only two inches of the previous strip is left. Leave all strip ends loose.

Single crochet each row until the piece of work is as long as it is wide. Cut the nylon net strip, and knot securely.


  • The scrubbies can be washed in a washing machine if first placed in a lingerie bag.