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How to Make Corflute Signs

Corflute is a lightweight sheet product that's used to make indoor and outdoor signs. This material is made up of twin polypropylene walls with thin polypropylene ribs running throughout. The ribs add rigidity along the length of the sheet, while leaving most of the sheet's volume hollow to reduce weight and save raw materials. It comes in special UV-resistant varieties that will last up to two years outdoors (perfect for temporary advertising). If you need many Corflute signs, having them painted is an option. However, if you only need a few, you can paint them yourself.

Making Corflute Signs

Cut your Corflute sheet to the desired size for your sign. Sand the edges smooth.

Spray on a coat of primer. Make sure your primer says it's approved for plastics. You should be able to find primer at a hardware or paint supply store. Allow the primer coat to dry.

Apply masking vinyl. Trace and cut out the message or image you want to paint in one color. Plan to do separate masking and painting steps for each color you wish to paint.

Paint the sign with spray paint. Once the paint is dry, remove the masking vinyl. Repeat masking and painting if you have multiple colors.

Spray the finished sign with a UV-resistant clear-coat spray if placing the sign outdoors.

Install your sign. Use panhead screws and washers, and try to avoid crushing the Corflute around the screw holes.

Things You'll Need:

  • Corflute sheets
  • Circular saw
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Plastic primer
  • Masking vinyl
  • X-Acto knives
  • Spray paint
  • UV-resistant clear-coat spray
  • 1-inch panhead wood screws
  • Washers


Corflute is lightweight and flexible. Large signs will need support all the way out to their edges to prevent wind damage.


  • Always wear proper eye and hearing protection when working with power tools. Always use paint and primer in well-ventilated areas, and wear a respirator.
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