How to Make Clay Pot People

Clay pots have myriad uses beyond just holding things.

Making clay pot people is a pleasant and whimsical way to personalize your yard or garden. It doesn't matter if your pots are old, weathered, cracked or stained. In fact, these things can add character and originality. In the end, it's your imagination and personal artistic flourishes that truly make your clay pot people come alive.

Make the torso first by placing the top rims of the two 8-inch pots together and running the rope through both of them. Hold the two pieces firmly together by tying a knot at each end.

Place the bottom of the 6-inch pot on top of the torso, run the rope up through the hole and make a knot to hold them together. This is the head of the clay pot person. If you decide to put an interesting plant in the pot to resemble hair, stabilize it a bit with wire or a large nut and bolt.

Assemble each arm and leg separately. Use five 4-inch pots for each arm and seven for each leg. Make a knot at the end of your rope, then string the first pot. Pass the rope through the second pot, allowing several inches of space between the two pots. Place a mark on the rope for your next knot where it emerges from the top of the second pot. Remove the pot and measure the distance between the first knot and the mark. You'll use this same distance between all the knots on the arms and legs.

Continue stringing and knotting the pots an equal distance from one another until you have both arms and legs finished. Leave at least two feet of rope at the end of each so you can attach them to the body by running the ropes between the torso and head pots, and then tying them off.

Sit your clay pot person in a somewhat permanent location and position the legs in such a way that they appear attached to the torso. Anchor the legs first, nailing into place the length of rope left at the top and nailing it in place. Place the torso over the legs.

Decorate your friend by pushing sphagnum moss into the spaces between the pots on the arms and legs or plant different types of ground cover or trailing plants to add interest.


For a sturdier clay pot person, join the pots with wire. Use large washers or pieces of wood to wrap the wire around instead of using knotted rope.

Paint faces on your clay pot people using colorful outdoor acrylic paint that will stand up to the elements.

Turn the top of your clay pot person into something functional like a bird feeder, fountain or garden tool holder.

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