How to Make Chinese Paper Flowers

Things You'll Need

  • Colored rolls of crepe paper
  • Scissors
  • Heavy gauge floral wire
  • Floral tape

Brightly colored and beautifully designed paper flowers are a tradition of the Chinese New Year. Usually made of crepe paper, each flower is individually hand crafted, complete with stem and leaves. You can make your own Chinese paper flowers by following these steps.

Decide which colors you would like to make your flowers, and purchase your crepe paper accordingly. It's OK to have an assortment of colors.

Cut five 4-inch strips of your desired crepe paper color. Since you will be working in strips, crepe paper that is on a roll (like you would by for party decorating) will work best.

Fold each strip in half, and then in half again. Finally fold the crepe paper onto itself one last time. (You do the folding because you'll be cutting the crepe paper into petal formations with the same method used in paper dolls.)

Take one of the folded pieces and at the bottom of each open end, cut slits with your scissors about half an inch long. You want to create a fringed look.

Continue the same cutting method on the remainder of the folded pieces. Once you're done, unfold each piece and lay them out on your workspace.

Wrap a piece of thick gauge floral wire with floral tape. This wire will serve as your the stem, so it should be cut to your desired length.

Apply glue along the crepe paper on the end opposite your cut petals. This is how you will attach the flower petals to your stem.

Take each piece of glued crepe paper and attach them to your stem by wrapping it around itself over and over until it is tightly secured. Do this with each piece until you have a full flower.

Make your leaves by cutting leaf shapes from your crepe paper and attaching them with glue along the stem.

Continue the entire step-by-step process until you have enough Chinese paper flowers to make your bouquet.


  • Remember that crepe paper is a very thin. Water will destroy your flowers.