How to Make Candles From Lard

candles image by Ekaterina Lozanova from

Things You'll Need

  • 1 lb. blocks of lard, 1 block per candle
  • Lengths of wick
  • Scissors
  • Dull cutting tool
  • Glass containers to fit lard blocks

Lard makes a suitable base for candles that will burn at around the same rate as wax candles. Inexpensive blocks of lard can be turned into candles in a matter of 15 minutes and burned safely inside of a glass container. Creating candles this way can help you save money while providing light and ambience.

Unwrap a block of lard from the paper and put the paper aside.

Stretch your length of wick out across the block.

Cut the wick to fit the lard block. Leave one and a half inch at the top of the block to start the fire.

Cut half way into the block of lard with your cutting tool.

Place your wick inside of the cut. Leave one and a half inches of wick at the top of the block.

Mold the lard back around the wick to enclose it within the block.

Place the lard block into the glass container for safe burning.


  • Lard candles can create a large pool of hot liquid when burning. Have a plate or other apparatus under the candle to catch any burning lard that spills over the top.

    Never let candles burn unattended.