How to Make Button Pins

How to Make Button Pins. Making buttons is great for craft project for kids of all ages. They make excellent gifts and are a handy way to promote your favorite causes and candidates. Making your own buttons isn't complicated if you invest in a hand-press button making machine and buy some basic supplies.

Design your button pin. On a sheet of paper, come up with a design that will fit on the button you want to make. A great way to provide multiple copies of design is to either design your button on your computer or draw your design and then scan the image into a computer.

Print out your design. You can print out multiple copies of the same image on one sheet of paper by copying and pasting your image into a Microsoft Word document multiple times, or by setting your printer options to "tile" the printed image as many times as it can fit onto a single sheet of paper.

Cut out the button designs. If you want a perfectly cut circle you can use a circle punch when you buy the button making machine, but if you want to do it by hand use the button template that came with your blank buttons and trace a circle around the edge of your printed image and then cut the image out.

Borrow or purchase a button making machine. These hand press devices are fairly inexpensive and mid-grade models cost anywhere from $40 to $100 at your local craft store.

Follow the instructions for the specific model you are using. Secure the button in place by using the assembly ring to hold the button, Mylar disk (depending on the model of the machine you are using) and the design in place.

Press it all together. The common thread of all hand pressed button making machines is that you have to pull a lever and press the button elements together to create the finished product. Some machines are automatic but they are far more expensive than their hand pressed counterparts.

Release the press and repeat the previous steps for every button you are making. Once finished, feel free to adorn your friends and family in your newest creations.