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How to Make Bookmarks With Beads & String

It damages books to fold down the corner to mark your page, and paper bookmarks are so easy to lose. You can make a bookmark out of string and beads that is both attractive and less likely to be misplaced. Sometimes called book thongs, bead and string bookmarks are an easy project to do with children or a great gift for the book lover in your life.

Things You'll Need:

  • Large Needle
  • Charms (Optional)
  • Thick String, Such As Yarn
  • Beads

Gather your materials. You can use a single strand of yarn, embroidery floss or other thicker strings. You can braid or weave the strings together to make the bookmark more substantial if you wish. When deciding which beads or charms to use, make sure they have holes large enough for your chosen string and needle to pass through. You can use charms that capture the interests of the recipient or yourself to add more visual interest to the finished bookmark.

Cut a 14-inch length of string--three lengths if you'll be braiding it. For the braided bookmark, tie a knot 3 inches from the bottom and braid it to 3 inches from the top of the string. Then tie another knot to secure it. For a single string, you'll also tie a knot 3 inches from each end to keep your beads in place.

Thread one end of the string through the needle and then thread it through a bead. You can attach one bead or several, just leave room to knot the string when you're done so the beads don't slip off. On a braided bookmark, you can put beads on each of the three separate strings for a tassel effect. If you're using charms alone or in addition to the beads, tie them onto the end of the string to finish. If you're just using beads, tie a knot on the end of each string when you're finished. Repeat on both ends of the bookmark.


Use ribbon instead of string for your bookmark. If you're giving a book as a gift, make a string bookmark with charms that highlight the book to include with it--such as a rocket ship charm for a space book.


  • Let the beads dangle on the outside of the book; if you close them inside the pages, the beads can damage them. Use plastic needles for small children to avoid injury.
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