How to Make Bible Crafts for Kids

How to Make Bible Crafts for Kids. Ever since Sunday school began, teachers have been using crafts to reinforce the stories and principles taught in the Bible. Kids cut out stand-up figures of Moses and David, put cotton balls on the sheep of Jesus, the good shepherd and color in Noah's rainbow as they learn about the miracles and promises of God. Kids still make these same crafts, along with newer ones, but the stories and their importance are the same. Find out what's new and not so new in the pursuit of teaching children the Bible.

Make Bible Bookmark Crafts with Kids

Search Internet sites like DLNK Bible Bookmarks and other Christian craft sites with downloads for coloring pages, publishing and greeting card software, graphics CDs or templates (see Resources below). Select one or more that fit your theme or Bible memory verse.

Duplicate and alter the picture, if necessary, using software tools until you have two identical pictures about six inches long side by side. Add inspirational words or a Bible verse. Print out as many as you need. Use the "coloring book" feature on your printer if the picture is in color and you would like to make it black and white.

Collect your materials and lay them out on your crafts table. Have the kids color the bookmark print-outs with markers or crayons.

Help the children glue the colored pictures to the pieces of card stock, then fold the paper in half, so that there is a picture on the front and back. You may wish draw a line or make a light fold down the center of each one to make it easier to fold evenly.

Show the kids how to glue the folded paper together. Sing a song or repeat the day's memory verse while bookmarks dry.

Make a small hole in the top of the bookmark with a scissors point or the end of a paper clip. Push one or more strands of yarn through the hole and tie them in a knot.

Lead the children in reading the words on the bookmark aloud. If they are not quite dry, leave them in the room until the next meeting.

Vary the craft by using wooden craft sticks (popsicle sticks) for bookmarks and having the kids draw pictures and write their names or a short verse ("God is love") on the sticks. Another variation for older students: let them draw an assigned picture or design the bookmark themselves.

Look for other types of Bible crafts at sites like DLTK Free Bible Crafts (see Resources below).


There are dozens of variations on bookmark crafts, only a few of which are mentioned here. Look up others, or invent them yourself. The possibilities are almost endless.

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