How to Make Beauty and the Beast Props

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Things You'll Need

  • 4 sizes of metal bushings
  • 4 T-pipes
  • 4 nipple screws
  • LED taper candles
  • Gold spray paint
  • Old chair
  • Upholstery fabric
  • Fabric shears
  • Staple gun
  • Silk red rose, long stem
  • 2-inch plywood
  • Hand saw
  • Electric drill
  • Glass dome
  • Red spray paint
  • LED tea light candles

"Beauty and the Beast" is a love story between a beautiful lady and a prince-turned-beast. The story takes place within the confines of the beast's dark castle, where the beautiful lady is being kept as a prisoner. When it comes to recreating the props to use for your "Beauty and the Beast" performance, focus on the mystical and dark elements that help set the tone of the story. Allow your props to portray the characters' emotions. Props should work with the characters and the theatrical set to paint a complete picture of the scene.


Screw in the bushings. Build them up so that they go from largest to smallest. You may need to use more than four if you want the candelabra to stand taller. This becomes the candelabra stand.

Connect the four T-pipes together by the nipple screws. Make the pattern go T-pipe, nipple screw and another T-pipe. Reserve one nipple screw for connecting the bottom of the T-pipe to the bushings stand. Connect the two pieces so that you have the candelabra frame.

Paint the candelabra gold with gold spray paint. The gold spray paint gives the prop a regal feel -- fit for a castle setting -- and helps it stand out to audiences from onstage.

Fill the T-pipe holes with LED taper candles to complete the candelabra.

Chair with Scratches

Upholster an old chair with red velvety fabric. The old chair should have two arms so that it looks regal.

Fit the fabric over the chair, cutting with the fabric shears to create individual sections of fabric. You need fabric for the seat, the back and the arms.

Connect the fabric to the chair with a staple gun. Staple the fabric in the back and under parts of the chair so audiences cannot see how it is assembled.

Make diagonal slashes in the chair's fabric to resemble slashes made by the beast's claws. Use fabric shears for the slashing.

Magic Rose

Saw the plywood so that it is 1 foot long. Use the hand saw. This becomes the base for the magic flower.

Drill a hole into the center of the plywood base. The hole must be large enough to fit the stem of the rose into. Do not make the hole bigger, or else the flower will not fit snug and will tip over to one side. The flower needs to stand straight up.

Spray paint the silk rose petals red. The red color should stand out, and you can even use a glossy red finish on the rose to help it glimmer in the stage lights.

Fit the glass dome over the rose standing in the wooden base. Place three LED tea light candles inside of the dome to illuminate the rose and make it look like it is glowing.


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