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How to Make a Banana Holder

Bananas are a great fruit and rich in potassium. However, putting bananas in the refrigerator can turn them brown more quickly. Leaving bananas on the table or in a fruit bowl can bruise them very easily. Hanging bananas on a holder can keep them fresher longer without bruising them. Making your own banana holder is a fun and easy project that will display your fruit and keep it ripe longer.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pencil
  • Screw-In Hook
  • 4- By 4-Inch Piece Of Wood
  • 8-Inch Piece Of Curved Wood (Shaped Like A Candy Cane)
  • Super Glue

Purchase the wood at a hardware store. The bottom piece will be the platform and should be about 4 by 4 inches. The curved piece of wood should be 8 inches long.

Mark the platform with a pencil where the curved wood will be glued. The mark should be centered but 1 1/2 inches from the middle of the platform. If the wood is glued in the middle of the platform, the bananas will hang far from the platform and the holder will not stand upright. Keeping the wood glued toward the back of the platform, 1 1/2 inches from the center. That way the bananas will hang in the middle, keeping the holder balanced.

Apply super glue onto the bottom of the 8-inch piece of curved wood. Place the 8-inch piece of wood onto the platform where the pencil mark is.

Hold the wood together to ensure that it permanently glues together.

Mark the underside of the curved piece of wood with a pencil. The mark should be 1/2 inch from the top end of the wood.

Screw the hook into the wood where the marking was. Make sure the hook faces outward.

Hang your bananas onto the hook.


To see exactly what the banana holder should look like, visit http://www.cooking.com.

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