How to Make Beaded Purses

Beaded purse

Making a beaded purse can be a challenge. You need some knowledge of sewing and the use of a sewing machine. You also need to know the basic beading stitches to make a beaded purse. If you master the backstitch in beading, you can make a basic envelope beaded purse.

Beaded purse

Things You'll Need

  • Lining Material
  • Snaps
  • Fusible Interfacing
  • Beading Thread
  • Silk Material Or Ultrasuede
  • Seed Beads
  • Beading Needle

Choose a fabric for your purse. A piece of silk or ultrasuede is great to bead on. Choose a corresponding lining that will work for your purse. Cut the material 4 inches wide and 12 inches long, or any dimension you want your envelope purse to be. Cut your lining the same size as the fabric. You will be sewing the lining to the fabric once beading is complete.

Cut your interfacing 1/4 inch smaller than your fabric and lining. Attach your interfacing with a warm iron to the silk material or ultrasuede on the wrong side. This interfacing will give you support when you are doing your beading.

Thread your beading needle with the beading thread and tie a knot at the end of the length of the thread. You are now ready to start beading. Come up through the interfacing and through the material. Pick up three seed beads with your beading needle and place on the fabric, making sure the seed beads are close together, and go down through the fabric right after the third bead. Come back up between the second bead and third bead and go through the third bead again. Pick up three more beads and repeat. This is called a beaded backstitch.

Fill the entire piece of material with seed beads. You can make any design you want with this stitch. The seed beads do not have to be in a row; they can be random. You can leave spaces so the silk material will show or fill the spaces with larger beads. You can be creative and make your own design.

Take your lining, once the beading has been sewn down, and sew to the front of the material on three sides with your sewing machine. Turn inside out and hand stitch the remaining side. Take the strip of material that now has the lining sewn to it and fold up 4 inches and sew down the sides with a whipstitch. Fold down the top flap and attach a snap to the top of the flap and body of the purse. You now have a completed beaded envelope purse.


  • Add a cording to the purse for a handle. Add beaded fringe on the bottom of the purse. Mix different sizes of seed beads and colors. Try different shapes for purses.