How to Make Barbed Wire Bracelets

Things You'll Need

  • Round black leather lacing
  • Shears
  • Water
  • 2-bulldog clips
  • Paint stir stick
  • Ruler
  • Paper clips
  • Needle nose pliers

Barbed wire bracelets are a popular accessory for some young people. These stylish bracelets add a bit of goth style at the wrist. They look like barbed wire, but these bracelets are often made out of black leather cording. The same technique used to make a barbed wire bracelet can be expanded for a necklace or even a belt for an overall interesting fashion statement.

Cut a black leather lacing two feet long.

Soak the lacing in water for two minutes.

Fold the lacing in half and use a bulldog clamp to clamp the loop end at one end of a paint stirring stick.

Twist the leather lacing twenty times and stretch the lacing along a stick. Clamp the loose ends to the stick with the second bulldog clamp. Allow the leather to dry completely. This should help the leather hold the twist.

Remove the lacing from the clamps, keeping the twist. Measure one inch from the looped end. Measure eight inches and bring that spot to match up with the one inch mark. Clamp the twisted lacing together at that mark with a bulldog clamp. This will form a large eight-inch bracelet. Make it slightly smaller or larger to fit onto your wrist.

Untwist the remaining three inches of lacing. Measure one inch and fold one lace back toward the bulldog clamp. Holding the clamp and folded lace in one hand, fold the second lace half the distance back to the clamp. Starting at the clamp, wind the second lace tightly and evenly around the twisted laces, the folded lace and the remaining half of itself. You should see a loop form where you folded the first lace. Wind the second lace until this loop is slightly larger than the lace diameter.

Thread the end of the second lace through this loop and then hold the bracelet and end with the hand you have been using to wind the lacing. Pull on the tail of the first lace to tighten the loop over the second lace. You should see that the wound section looks like a wrapped barb. Trim the lace ends to be about one half inch beyond the winding. Cut the original bracelet twisted loop to form additional barbs.

Divide your bracelet in thirds and mark with paper clips. Cut two four inch sections of lacing and two three inch sections. Fold one four inch lace in half. Align one three inch lace with the ends. The other end of the three inch lace should overhang the loop.

Pinch the laces one inch back from the loop and add the bracelet to the pinch at one of the paperclip marked locations. Use one of the four inch laces' ends to wind around the laces and the bracelet back toward the loop. Thread the end through the loop and tighten by pulling on the tail. Repeat this for a third "barb." Use needle-nose pliers to tighten the wound laces. Trim the ends into points for the best effect.


  • The tricky part of the barbs is starting the winding so that the lace used to wrap around is trapped securely in the winding. You may also want to wet the finished barbs to shrink the leather for tightness.