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How to Make an Invitation for a Play/Drama Performance

Invitations are an effective way to advertise a dramatic performance, especially for an opening weekend gala.
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Distributing invitations is an effective way to attract an audience to your play or dramatic performance. Including important information and an appealing format is critical to making compelling invitations. People feel special when they receive an invitation as opposed to an advertisement or a press release. Make your invitation stand out by adding eye-catching elements. Making invitations does not guarantee you will have a full house for all your shows, but it's an effective way to announce the event.

Things You'll Need:

  • Cards And Envelops
  • Card Decorations
  • Email Or Mailing Address Of People You Want To Invite To Your Play
  • Picture
  • Caligraphy Pen And Ink
  • Embossing Materials

Choose what medium you will use to send your invitation, such as email or cards. Email is far less expensive, simpler to draft and can easily be sent to a large list of people provided you have their email addresses. You can design your invitation on a word or graphics software program and send as an attachment, perhaps even as a PDF file. It is advisable to also put the invitation in the body of the email to ensure the recipient will get the information regardless of compatibility issues. Cards are appropriate for more formal performances that are only for a select and limited number of people. You can buy cards that are structured as invitations to performances. These cards have a dramatic picture, invitation or catch phrase on the front and on the inside, space for title, time, date and location of the play. Also, homemade cards allow personal touches to be added -- such as hand written calligraphy titles, fancy borders, embossing or unique graphics.

Insert the words ''You are invited to attend" in your invitation. The word "you" attracts attention. It is often used in advertising for this reason. Also, the word "invitation" is appealing to the reader.

Include pertinent information about the play including the title of the play, where the play is being performed, what are the dates and times of the performance. If the play is part of a special event requiring a dresscode, specify the event, such as a birthday party, fundraiser or gala opening weekend.

Have a short summary of the play on the invitation if there is space for it. Emphasize the most appealing qualities of the play in this summary. For example, if your play is a musical, this is information you want to include.

Include a picture if possible, preferably a color picture which captures a dramatic moment. Pictures get people's attention and give them a preview of what to expect in the play.

Add extra touches, like a flashy gold ticket or discount coupon. Have the cast and crew sign the invitation or include quotes from other people who have seen and enjoyed the play, such as pull quotes from reviews.

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