How to Make an Evergreen Holiday Centerpiece

A festive floral arrangement can add the perfect seasonal touch to your home decor during the holidays. Learn how to create a professional-looking centerpiece that will wow your guests at all your gatherings.

The key ingredient for this arrangement is fresh evergreens. Fresh evergreens can be found in many different forms, depending on availability in your region. For instance, Trader Joe's has a great selection, including the pine garland used in this project.

Prepare the Vase

First soak your floral foam in water until it's saturated.

Put the foam into your vase and fill the vase with water.

Trim the Flowers and Evergreens

Next, trim your flowers and evergreen to size. Cut the flowers slightly shorter than the faux branches and evergreen in order to create height in your arrangement.

Add the Large Flowers

Starting with the largest flower, insert the stems into the foam. Spread them out so they are even around the vase.

Insert the flower that is the next size down into the arrangement.


For this arrangement, there are only two sizes of flowers, but if you're working with lots of different flowers, start with the largest and work your way down to the smallest.

Add the Smaller Flowers

Place the smaller flowers within and around the larger ones.

Add the Evergreens

Fill in all of the empty spaces between the flowers with the evergreen. This will create fullness in the arrangement.

Add the Berries, Feathers and Branches

To create dimension and drama, add the faux berries, feathers and sparkly branches. To complete the look, be sure that all the spaces are filled and the arrangement looks full and robust.

Let this holiday arrangement be the center of attention at all your holiday gatherings!

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