How to Make an Eagle Sculpture

How to Make an Eagle Sculpture. The head of an eagle is an easily recognized symbol to sculpt out of clay. It's not too complex, but has distinguishing features. When sculpting a large eagle head, it's important to have a sturdy base to support the weight of the clay.

Start with a small piece of plywood for the base. Match the size to the size sculpture you want to make. Extend the support vertically in the center of the base. Attach the support with a screw or a nail.

Flatten a large slab of clay until it's about 1/2 inch thick.

Wrap the slab around the support. Weld the edges together by kneading the clay where they meet. Form a cylinder shape that is larger on the bottom than the top. This becomes the neck and top of the head.

Add a beak to the front of the form you've just made. It is best to have some frontal and profile pictures to look at as you sculpt the details. Attach the beak by pressing the clay forms together with your fingers. Pull off any excess clay. Shape the beak to match your pictures the best you can.

Make sockets for the eyes above the beak by pushing the clay inward. Roll small balls for the eyes and inset them into the sockets. Shape eyebrows above the eye sockets to give the eagle its stern character.

Add a mustache shape under the beak. All birds of prey have this.

Roll out another slab, thinner than the first, for a layer of feathers on the neck. Attach this layer by welding the edges together, as with the basic form, and pressing it into the existing structure. Pull and pinch points along the bottom of this layer to create a fringe effect. Draw lines to approximate the patterns of feathers from your pictures.

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