How to Make a Wheelbarrow

How to Make a Wheelbarrow. A wooden wheelbarrow can look lovely in the yard filled with potted plants, and you can use it as a tool. You can purchase a wheelbarrow in most hardware stores, but you also easily can make your own.

Make the wheel by cutting a 1 inch by 6 inch board into six 12-inch lengths. Glue 2 of the boards' edges and press them together. Lay them on a flat surface. Brush glue onto the flat surfaces of the glued boards. Repeat this process until you have a sandwich composed of 3 glued pairs of boards, 3 layers deep. Place a weight onto the boards and clamp them together. Allow the glue to set.

Draw a circle on the sandwiched boards after the glue has set. The circle should be 5 inches in diameter. Create a tool to help in this process by cutting a small block of wood 5 inches long, measure the sandwiched wood to find the center, and nail one end of the 5-inch block there. Put the point of your pencil against the other free end of the block. Slowly revolve the end of the block in a circle, tracing the path with your pencil. Cut out the circle with a jig saw. Drill a 1-inch hole in the center of the circle.

Form the handles and support rails by cutting two 1 inch by 2 inch pieces to a 47-inch length. You can shape the ends by cutting a small angle toward the top of the board, and detailing the handles. This can be done with a jig saw. Place the handles/rails on the ground and angle them so that the wheel ends of the handles/rails are 3 inches apart, and the handles ends are 16 inches apart.

Lay three 1 inch by 6 inch boards cut into 16 inch lengths across the handles/rails to form the wheelbarrow's tray. These boards should begin 10 inches back from the wheel end of the handles/rails. Nail the three boards in place with galvanized nails.

Create the side panels of the wheelbarrow by cutting two 1 inch by 6 inch boards into 20 5/8 inch lengths. Round the tops corners of the side panel's ends, then measure down two inches from the top, and cut down at a fifteen degree angle on both ends. The bottom of the wheelbarrow's side panels should now measure 18 ½ inches. Create the two end panels for the wheelbarrow in the same fashion, except that the 1 inch by 6 inch board will measure 18 ½ inch at its widest point, and 16 inches at the bottom.

Place the side panels on top of the tray's edge, and screw them in place with 2 inch stainless steel screws. Place the end panel so that it rests onto of the handles and against the edge of the tray on the front and back of the wheelbarrow tray, and screw them in place as well.

Turn the wheelbarrow upside down, and affix saddle clamps near the end of the bottom edge of the rails/handle with screws. Cut a 1 inch in diameter dowel, and slip it through the saddle clamp and the hole in the wheel.

Form legs by cutting two pieces of 1 inch by 2 inch boards into 16 inch lengths. Cut a fifteen degree angle into the end of the leg, so that it will match the angle of the end panel. Screw the legs in place at the handle end of the wheelbarrow, so that the top of the legs are level with the top of the end panel, Insert screws into the legs and the handles themselves, and into edges of the end panel.

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