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How to Install EBOOT Files for PS3 Games

When using custom firmware on the Sony PS3, your PS3 games that you have installed on the hard drive often need their eboot files replaced so the games boot properly. Eboot files can be installed on the Sony PS3 using a unique feature right on the PS3 main menu. Once the new eboot file is installed, the PS3 game will boot using the custom firmware you are running.

Download the eboot file that is being installed on the PS3 and insert a USB flash drive into the computer.

Right-click the downloaded eboot PKG file and click "Copy" on the context menu that comes up.


Right-click the USB flash drive icon on the computer desktop and click the "Paste" option that comes up on the context menu.


Unplug the USB flash drive from the computer and insert it into the PS3's USB port.


Select the "Install Package Files" option, which is located on the PS3's main menu under the "Game" tab. A new screen comes up with the contents of the USB flash drive.


Select the eboot PKG file on the USB flash drive and press the "X" button to install it. The eboot is installed.

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