How to Make a Wearable Tail

By Holidays & Celebrations Editor

How to Make a Wearable Tail. If you're dressing up as a feline for Halloween this year, you may need to know how to make a wearable tail. Fortunately, it's a simple project, and the process is the same whether you're a ferocious tiger or a friendly kitty cat.

Purchase a swatch of heavy fabric in the color or animal print of your choice. For a long tail, you must have a piece approximately 6 inches by 36 inches long. Fold the fabric swatch in half lengthwise, inside out.

Sew a simple running stitch seam ½ inch from the edge, the entire length of the fabric. Make a curved seam that closes up one end. Leave the other end open.

Dismantle and straighten both wire coat hangers. Set the hangers aside.

Hold the closed end of the fabric loosely with your hand encircled around it. Push the end into itself, righting the fabric. Carefully push one hanger into the "pocket" you've made. Keep pushing until the fabric is turned right side out. Leave the hanger inside the tail, clipping off any excess wire that extends beyond the length of the fabric.

Fill the tail with craft stuffing, leaving the wire inside the tail. Use the second wire as a tool to push the stuffing all the way to the bottom of the tail.

Sew up the other end once the tail is fully stuffed. For best results, turn the last ½ inch of fabric inside before sewing the seam. (This makes a neater edge.) Bend the tail into the preferred shape and attach to clothing with a safety pin.


Sew on a ribbon if you want to tie the tail to your waist.


People love to pull on tails-be sure yours is attached securely.