How to Make a Tutu Halter Dress

Making a tutu halter dress is relatively easy, and you won't require the skills of a seamstress. What's more, if you get it right the first time, your little one will have a pretty outfit for her next party or a great costume for Halloween. Learn how to make a two-colored tutu halter dress.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 1/2-Inch Elastic
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine Or Needle And Thread
  • 2-Inch Ribbon
  • 75 Yards 6-Inch Rolled Tulle

Choose matching, self-colored tulle. You will need 25 yards for the top, and 50 yards for the bottom. You can use the same color or different colors.

Measure from the chest, underneath the armpits, down to where you wish the dress to fall on the legs. Double this measurement. Add an extra 1 1/2 to 2 inches to accommodate the width of the elastic and the knotting.

Cut the tulle in lengths (strips) of the measurement from Step 2. The number of tulle strips will depend on how full you want the bottom part of the tutu halter dress to be.

Measure for the top part of the dress, from under the armpits to the shoulders. Double the measurement and add 1 1/2 to 2 inches. Cut strips from the other colored tulle to the length. The number of strips will depend on how form-fitting you want the top part of the dress to be.

Measure the chest and take off 1 inch from the measurement. Cut 1 1/2-inch elastic to this length and machine or hand-stitch the ends together. The circular elastic band will join the top and bottom parts of the tutu halter dress.

Find an appropriate circular object around which you can place the elastic band. This will make it and easier to knot the tulle strips of the top and bottom parts of the dress.

Tie tulle strips of the top and bottom parts of the dress in, knotting the tulle strips in the center around the elastic band. Alternate between the longer (bottom) and shorter (top) colored tulle strips. Repeat this process until the entire elastic is covered. Do not tie the knots too tightly when tying the tulle strips to the elastic band. This will compress the elastic, causing it to fold, distort the look and fall of the dress and make it uncomfortable to wear.

Move the knots as close as possible to each other to conceal the elastic band. Turn each of the knots of the shorter strips to the upper edge of the elastic, and those of the longer strips to the bottom edge of the elastic.

Cut a length of 2-inch ribbon that will be knotted around the elastic in front and will be long enough to tie a bow around the neck as a halter. Use ribbon that matches the top part of the dress. Knot the ribbon around the elastic in the front of the dress. Turn the knot to the top edge of the elastic band with the two ends of the ribbon facing up. Tie the ribbon around the neck in a bow.


  • Add a large matching colored flower or bow at the point where the halter is knotted around the elastic.