How to Make a Toy Briefcase

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic pencil box
  • Newspaper
  • Dust mask
  • Brown or black matte spray paint for plastic
  • Purse handle or drawer pull
  • Drill or rotary tool

Your little one can be just like mom and dad with a pint-sized briefcase you can make in an afternoon. Because of the tools and materials used to make the briefcase, it should be constructed by an adult rather than a child -- unless there is extensive adult supervision and the child learns proper safety procedures. Look for handles in your local craft store in the purse-making department, or use a simple drawer pull.

Open a plastic pencil case and lay it open-side down, on newspaper. Wearing a dust mask or ventilator, spray a thin coat of matte paint designed for painting plastic on the pencil case. When dry to the touch, add a second coat, if necessary. Allow the case to dry for several hours.

Close the painted, dried pencil box. Sit it so that it stands vertically with the side that opens facing up. Place the handle or drawer pull near the middle seam so that it's centered, using the built-in pencil case clasps as a guide. Make marks through the screw holes in the base of the handle.

Drill holes where marked, using a drill but that's just smaller than the screws that came with your handle or drawer pull.

Attach the handle with a screwdriver, or as directed by the manufacturer.


  • For added whimsy, paint the pencil case in a bright or pastel color. You can decorate the toy briefcase with vinyl letters, stickers or stick-on gems.


  • Spray paint outdoors, or in an open garage.


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