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How to Change the Presser Foot for a Brother Sewing Machine

Change the presser foot on your Brother sewing machine.
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Brother offers a wide range of sewing, embroidery and quilting machines. The sewing machines feature a versatile two-part presser foot allowing for small or large presser feet to be interchangeable without wasting valuable sewing time. The first part is a snap-on system for small presser feet, such as the straight stitch sewing foot, blind stitch foot or non-stick foot. The second is a screw-on system for large presser feet, such as the embroidery or zipper feet.

Changing Small Presser Feet

Press the “Needle position” button to raise the needle to its highest position.

Turn the power off to the machine.

Raise the presser foot using the presser foot lever to the left of the needle housing and just under the “Needle position” button.

Press the black release button on the back of the presser foot holder. The foot will fall off. Take the presser foot away from the machine and store it for later use.

Place the new presser foot under the holder, lining up the pin in the presser foot with the groove in the holder.

Lower the presser foot and the pin will snap into the groove.

Changing the Screw on Presser Feet

Release the presser foot as described above.

Use the disk-shaped screwdriver that came with the machine to turn the screw located on the presser foot holder.

Remove the screw and the presser foot holder.

Place the embroidery foot or zipper foot in place and insert the screw to keep the foot in place.

Tighten the screw with the disk-shaped screwdriver until you are no longer able to turn the screw.

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