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How to Make a Tork Necklace

Tork necklaces, sometimes known as torc necklaces, were worn by ancient Celts during battle. These necklaces typically have no backs and are made of precious metal. The necklaces stay on because of their round shape, making it difficult for them to slide off. Modern day tork necklaces can be made out of non-precious metal and include embellishments such as pendants or jewels hanging from them. You can make your own tork necklace with items procured at your local hardware store

Things You'll Need:

  • Large Dowel For Shaping Your Necklace
  • Pendant (Optional)
  • Sanding Blocks
  • Hammer
  • Coil Of Wire (Gauge Of Your Choice)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Small Steel Block

Purchase a coil of wire from your local hardware store. It should be at least 16 gauge, although you can purchase thicker gauge if you would like. The wire should not be so thick that you can no longer bend it with your bare hands, but not so thin that it will easily change shape.

Cut off about 2 feet of wire using your wire cutters.

Place your sanding blocks on a flat surface, one on top of the other. Put the wire in between them. Hold the top sanding block in place with one hand and pull the wire through with the other.

Coil your wire over your dowel. Your dowel should be about the same size as your neck, as this will help shape the wire.

Cut off any excess wire. The tork necklace should not be a perfect circle. There should be a couple of inches of leeway so that you can pull it open and place it on your neck. Size it on your neck before cutting it completely.

Put the wire on the steel block. Hold it in place in one hand and hammer it with the other. Move your wire until the whole thing has been flattened to your desired shape. Be mindful of your fingers as you hammer.

String the pendant on your necklace, if desired.

Coil the ends of the wires inward or outward by wrapping them around the wire cutters. Be careful not to press down when doing so. You want to create a loop so that the pendant does not slide off of the necklace.


Alternately, you can make your tork necklace a braid. Cut the metal into three 2-foot strips and flatten it. Braid the three pieces together and then shape them on your dowel. This will create an ornate effect.

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