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How to Make a Tiffany Box Centerpiece

Costume jewelry, including faux diamonds, is an important part of the centerpiece.
diamonds 1 image by Renato Francia from Fotolia.com

The signature Tiffany's box, which is robin's egg blue with a white ribbon, is an item which people associate not simply with the world famous brand, but also with the famous movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and the star of that movie, Audrey Hepburn. Thus, Tiffany-themed bridal showers, bachelorette parties, engagement parties and even weddings, are often results of these associations. Making a centerpiece out of Tiffany's classic boxes is a creative and classic way to decorate in keeping with this theme.

Costume jewelry, including faux diamonds, is an important part of the centerpiece.
diamonds 1 image by Renato Francia from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Square Box With Lid 8 Inches Wide
  • Square Box With Lid 4 Inches Wide
  • Faux Diamonds
  • Square Box With Lid 12 Inches Wide
  • Robin'S Egg Blue Wrapping Paper
  • Spool Of White Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Garlands Of Fake Pearls

Cut a piece of blue wrapping paper that is three times the width of the box plus 2 inches.

Remove the lid from the box and wrap the paper around the box so that it is absolutely taut, folding corners as necessary.

Pull the wrapping paper down slightly into the interior of the box. Tape it in place on all sides, securing the tape to the inside of the box where it is not visible. Repeat steps one to three with the smaller and smallest boxes.

Cut a piece of wrapping paper that is 2 inches wider and longer than the largest lid of the box.

Wrap the blue paper around the lid, folding where necessary, and taping your folds in place along the interior of the lid. Repeat with the smaller and smallest lid.

Place each lid on top of their matching box and turn each box upside down. Pull a long piece of uncut ribbon from your spool and lay it horizontally, underneath your upside down box.

Pull both ends of the ribbon up and around, so that they meet in the center of the top part (which is actually the bottom) of your box. The pieces of ribbon should wrap around the width of your box.

Wrap each piece of ribbon loosely around each other and pull more ribbon loose from the spool, enough to wrap around the length of the box. Pull each piece of ribbon down, so that it wraps down around the length of the box, which is facing down.

Hold the ribbon in place and flip the box over so that is it right side up. Tie a big puffy bow in the center of the box. Cut away the remaining ribbon.

Stack the boxes, starting with the largest at the bottom and the smallest at the very top.

Drape garlands of pearls around each box. Add accents of diamonds and diamond jewelry around the top of each box.


  • You can glue the boxes in place on top of each other as well as the costume jewelry. It's not necessary, but will make your centerpiece absolutely secure.
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