How to Make a Superhero Newspaper Invitation

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Things You'll Need

  • Grey card stock or recycled paper
  • Word processor or publisher computer program
  • Printer

Every superhero party needs a group of fantastic superheroes to fight off any evil villains. There's no better way to gather your superheros in an effort to thwart a villain's evil on-goings than with a newspaper invitation. Save the day, with a great party for your superheroes and a safe place for them to fight crime.

Create an invitation using a word processor or publisher program. Design a catchy headline for your invitation such as, “Calling all Superheroes” or “Superheroes wanted.”

Write something in your invitation such as, “Batman is calling you to his secret underground lair to help him prepare for an invasion by Joker. Your attendance is critical. Come dressed and prepared to fight this evil villain and help save Gotham City.” This would be perfect if you were having your party in a basement.

Place the critical information for your party on your invitation as if it were a newspaper article. You can do this by using your word processor or publisher program to insert text boxes. Date, time, and party location are very important information to include on your invitation. Add an RSVP section with an accurate phone number or email address in a separate text box

Provide your invitee’s with a general map of the party location. If needed you can draw a map to scale on a small piece of paper and tape it onto a final draft of your invitation. Make as many copies as needed of the completed draft to send to your invitees.

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