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How to Write a Booster Message for a Playbill

You can write a simple message for a playbill.
writing image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.com

Writing a playbill message is something you may have to do if you're involved in some way with a community theater project or a local school play. If you head a booster club, purchasing a space in a playbill is a way to show support and help the drama group raise funds. In this space, you will typically write a brief message supporting the cast, and writing this message should be simple and quick.

Write down the basic message you want to convey in the playbill, congratulating the cast on the performance.

Scan what you have written to see if there are any unnecessary words you can cut out, like "very," "truly" or other words that don't add meaning.

Continue cutting the message down until it is about 30 words, a basic guideline for most playbill messages.

Write a signature line under the message, like "From, The Wildcats Booster Club."

Hand the message to whoever is putting together the playbill. Also make your payment at this time to cover the costs of the message.


You can include a line of congratulations for the director, choreographer or costume maker as well.

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