How to Make a Stuffed Animal Duck

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Things You'll Need

  • Fabric
  • Marker or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing
  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing machine

For children, stuffed animal ducks can be a soft after-bath-time treat to snuggle up against and are easy enough to make. With a funky or French damask pattern, stuffed animal ducks can easily be made into a mature accent pillow for adults.

Choose a fabric. For a traditional duck choose a fuzzy yellow fabric. For a modern or fun duck, choose a polka-dotted or sophisticated patterned fabric. Regular sheets of felt will also work.

Draw the shape of your duck with a marker or pencil on a piece of paper. The body should be large and fan upwards for the tail. Make the start of the beak two or three inches. Make sure to give two or three extra inches when drawing the duck as when you sew it you will be using a few inches more. If you do not take this precaution, your duck will end up significantly smaller than you had drawn it out.

Cut around the outline of the duck until you have a cutout in the proper shape.

Place the cutout over top of your fabrics. Stencil around the paper cutout on both sheets of fabric with a pencil. Once you are finished, carefully cut out the stencil on both sheets of fabric.

Sew the duck together. It is important that you initially sew the duck inside out first and flip it afterwards. Safety-pin carefully around the very edges of the entire duck. Once both pieces are pinned together, take the fabric to your sewing machine and sew almost the entirety of the duck. Leave a three-inch opening somewhere on the duck to turn it right side-out and also to stuff it.

Stuff the duck. First, reach your fingers in the hole you left unsewed and pull the fabric out of it to flip it back to the right side. Fluff, batting and stuffing can be bought at craft and department stores. Stuff the duck through the opening you have left until the stuffed animal is at your desired "hug factor."

Finish sewing the duck. Take the same colored thread as you used in the sewing machine and thread it through a sewing needle. Beginning at the open seam, push the pin through the two fabrics and bring it through the other side, from the other side move up a few centimeters and reinsert the pin. Continue until you have sealed the entire opening.

Knot your thread. To close the stitch simply poke your needle through a stitch you've already made, wrapping it through and over several times. Make a knot by pulling the thread through until you make a loop. Stick the needle through the loop several times until it makes a knot. Cut off the access thread.

Add wings. Draw out your shape on a piece of paper. The wing should be drawn as a water-drop shape and be roughly one-fourth to one-third of the size of your duck, depending on how big you want the wing.

With your wing sewn closed after following the above steps, take the rounded edge of the wing and place it just left of the center of the duck’s side, closer to the tail than to the head. With the same color thread used throughout, sew the round part of the wing on to the side of the duck. Pierce your needle to the left so that you will be able to grab it out the left side, as your duck is already stuffed and sewing straight through will be difficult.


  • For contrast use a different color or pattern of fabric than you used for the body.

    Add embellishments, such as eyes, if you wish. You can buy googly-eyes or button eyes at a dollar, craft or department store.