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How to Make a Star Gem in "Bejeweled"

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"Bejeweled" is a puzzle game developed and released in 2000. Since its introduction, it has has sold millions of copies and won a few awards. It's now on Facebook and boasts more than 10 million players. In the Facebook version of "Bejeweled," players compete with their friends to beat each other's high scores. If you want to increase your high score, you'll need to learn a few tricks, including how to make, and use a Star Gem.

Look for five gems that can be matched in an "L" or "T" shape. This will appear as two like-gems next to each other and two like-gems that have a single gem in between them.

Play until you match the fifth missing gem in the "T" or "L" shape to create a Star Gem. This will immediately change the five gems into a single gem emanating a star-like glow.

Find two other gems to match your Star Gem. They must be the same shape and color. If there aren't any around, continue playing "Bejeweled" until the Star Gem can be matched. When you make a match, a column and a row of blocks will be destroyed.


Matching five gems in a single row will create a Hypercube, which will destroy all gems of a single color. Matching four gems in a row will create a Flame Cube, which will destroy a block radius of gems when it's matched. Match gems at the bottom of the screen to increase your chances of cascading -- gems automatically fall and match each other several times in a row.

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