How to Make a Soap Car

Children can make their own soap car and use it to wash themselves in the bathtub.

If you have crafty children who love to create art projects, it could be exciting for them to make a soap car, which is not only fun to play with, but can also be used in the bathtub. To help your children create a soap car, you will need to follow a few simple steps.

Place a bar of soap onto a flat surface such as a cutting board.

Use a spoon to scoop out four wheel wells along the long sides of the bar of soap.

Use a butter knife to carve out the features you want on your soap car, such as door frames, windshield frames, and a trunk.

Push the spiked end of a model car wheel into one of the wheel wells.

Repeat this process until all the wheels have been placed into a wheel well on the bar of soap.

Use your soap car during play or in the bathtub.