How to Make a Snowman Out of Clay

Ben Smith

Things You'll Need

  • Clay
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Fabric
  • Doll top hat
  • 2 tiny twigs

There is nothing quite like making a snowman on a cold winter's day. Unfortunately, you don't always get the snow you need. On those days you can make your snowman indoors out of clay instead of outdoors with snow. Children will have just as much fun making a clay snowman and they won't have to freeze to do it. Serve hot chocolate while doing the craft for the ultimate winter experience.

Take a block of clay and tear out 3 chunks--large, medium and small. Use most of your clay for this part, but keep a little bit aside for some of the snowman's features.

Roll your small, medium, and large sized chunks in to round balls. Do this by rolling the clay in the palm of your hand against a smooth surface such as a table. To make the balls smooth dip your hands in water and then work with the clay.

Flatten out the bottom and top of the large ball. This is so the snowman can stand firm on a table and so the medium ball can sit on top of the large ball.

Flatten out the bottom and top of the medium ball and press in to the large ball.

Flatten the bottom of the small ball only and place it on top of the medium ball.

Roll up 3 tiny balls for the snowman's buttons. Press each one in to the middle ball going from top to bottom.

Roll up 5 or 6 more tiny balls for the snowman's mouth. Press them in creating a smile.

Add 2 balls a little bigger than the mouth balls to the snowman for eyes. Leave room for a nose in between the eyes and the mouth.

Make a carrot shaped object out of the leftover clay. Press the big end in to the snowman's face to create a nose. Add some lines on the carrot shape to make it look like a carrot. Use a regular kitchen knife to do this.

Find 2 little twigs outside and cut them down to your snowman's size. Press one in each side of the middle ball for the snowman's arms.

Let the snowman harden over night before you begin painting.

Paint your snowman. The snowman should be white. His or her buttons, eyes, and mouth should be black. The carrot nose should be painted orange. Let the paint dry before continuing.

Place a toy doll top hat on the snowman.

Cut a piece of fabric to form a snowman scarf. Drape the fabric around the snowman's neck and cut the tips of the fabric to form the fringe found on a real scarf. If your snowman is a girl use pink or purple fabric. If the snowman is a boy use red or blue fabric.


  • Cover your workspace with newspaper to protect the surface. Wear an apron or a smock to protect your clothes from the paint. Make a snowman to represent each of your family members and display them on your mantel. Make mittens out of fabric and stick them on the ends of your snowman's stick arms.


  • Check the label of the clay to make sure it isn't clay that has to be baked to harden. Air drying clay is much easier for kids crafts.